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What a year 2020 turned out to be!

Definitely one for the history books!

With that said on behalf of everyone at Thaymar I would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout 2020.It certainly has been a very different year for us here and your support has meant more than ever! Fingers crossed that we will be able to reopen our tea room doors at some point in the New Year! We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas however you may be spending it.

Our shop doors will be closing at 2pm on Christmas Eve.

I will be back in the office on Monday 4th January to start taking farm shop collection and delivery orders again. Our shop doors will open again on Tuesday 5th January at 9.30am for all your essentials and takeaway food and drinks.

Once again thank you to everyone for their support!

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021.


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