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Farm Shop Opening Hours

During the corona pandemic our daily farm shop opening times are 10 am until 2 pm.

Please note that collections can be made out of these hours when arranged on payment of order.

Polite reminder that our deadline for both our delivery and collection service

is 3 pm on a Monday.

Each week our updated order form will be uploaded onto our website on a Thursday morning and we will start taking orders for the following week from 3 pm on a Thursday afternoon.

Deliveries will then be made on a Thursday or Friday and collections can be collected from 3 pm on a Wednesday or all day both Thursday and Friday.

Please help us save our delivery slots for the most vulnerable and use our collection service if possible!

When visiting our farm shop please use the hand sanitiser on the way in and respect our one customer at a time policy and wait outside until you are able to go into the shop.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us during this uncertain time :)

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