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'The Nottingham Cook Book; Second Helpings'

Back in 2014 we appeared in the first edition of 'The Nottingham Cook Book'. The cookbook is a celebration of the amazing food and drink that can be found on your doorstep. Our 'Chicken in a Stilton, Apricot and Mushroom Sauce' and 'Coconut and Raspberry Cake' were the two recipes we published in the first edition.

After the success of the first 'Nottingham Cook book' the second edition is about to be released and again we are featured. This time we give away our 'BBQ Pulled Pork' and 'Chocolate Orange Bread and Butter Pudding' recipes! These two dishes are both such a huge hit with our tea room customers we thought it was time to let you in on the secret so you can make the dishes at home for your family and friends to enjoy! Our recipes are featured amongst a vast variety of recipes from businesses in Nottingham and the surrounding area.

Once we have received our copies of the cook book they will be on sale in our farm shop for £14.95. If you purchase a copy of the 'Second Helpings' then the first edition of the cookbook can be purchased for just £5.

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