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Order Your Turkey and All The Trimmings!

Did you know that you can order all you need for your Christmas from our farm shop?!

Free Range Birds

Our turkeys, geese and chickens are sourced from W.E.Botterill and Son of Croxton Kerrial, Grantham. The Botterill family have been at their farm for over 70 years. The birds that they rear have been specially selected from slow growing strains which are allowed to grow to full maturity at six months. During this prolonged growth period the turkeys are allowed to graze freely in the pastures that surround the farm in much the same way as the geese. Many of their traditional production methods are shared between the turkeys, geese and chickens that we have on the farm.

You can order them accordingly:

Bronze turkeys £10.95 per kg (All weights include giblets):

Small 5 - 5.9kg (11-13lbs) Serves 4-6 people

Medium 6 - 6.9kg (13-15lbs) Serves 6-8 people

Large 7 - 7.9kg (15-17lbs) Serves 8-10 people

Extra large 8kg+ (17lbs+) Serves 10-14 people (Please specify weight)

Geese £12.50 per kg (All weights include giblets and fat):

Small 4kg (9lbs) Serves 4-5 people

Medium 5kg (11lbs) Serves 6-7 people

Large 5.5kg (12lbs) Serves 7-8 people

Three Bird Roast - Price upon request

Goose, chicken and pheasant 4.5-8kg

Chicken £6.50 per kg

The Trimmings

In the lead up to Christmas our farm shop is stocked full to the brim of all the trimmings you need to make your Christmas day one to remember.

Our fridges are stocked with Redhill bacon and sausages so you can make delicious pigs in blankets, as well as their haslet and pork pie for when you get peckish after your Christmas feast. You can also order Country Victualler pate and ham, Inverawe smoked salmon, Lincolnshire poacher cheese, Colston Bassett Stilton, a wide selection of Snowdownia cheeses, home reared shorthorn beef, vegetables... the list goes on and on!

It is strongly advised that you order all of the above to avoid disappointment. Pop into our farm shop today to pick up an order form. Please note that a £10 deposit is required for both turkey orders and farm shop orders. Orders to be placed by Tuesday 12th December and collected from 10am on Saturday 23rd December to 3pm on Sunday 24th December. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01623 858887.

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